How we work

You have decided to participate in a large-scale exhibition, promotion, presentation or other event.

When it comes to creating a standout stand for your event, your ideas and preferences are the driving force behind our design. We're here to transform your suggestions, wishes, and expectations into a vibrant, informative, original, and unforgettable display. Trust us to craft a space that embodies your vision and leaves a lasting impression.

Как мы работаем

Creating an attention-grabbing stand involves several crucial stages:

  1. 01

    Creating an individual project with 3D visualization based on technical specifications;

  2. 02

    Creating a detailed calculation for a stand;

  3. 03

    Internal production

  4. 04

    Timely completion of the installation/construction according to the specified design.

  5. 05

    Supervision and management of the exhibition project throughout every phase.

The manufacturing process for exhibition stands

The manufacturing process for exhibition stands incorporates cutting-edge technology and involves various key stages:

Crafting wooden components: Creating wall elements, racks, stands, cabinets, and other integral parts of the exhibition display using woodwork techniques.
Aluminum frame welding: Assembling and welding aluminum frames and suspended structures, ensuring stability and structural integrity.
Painting tasks: Applying paint to counters, reception desks, bars, and other elements to achieve the desired aesthetics.
Large-scale and interior printing: Utilizing banner fabric, film, and diverse materials for expansive and interior printing to showcase vibrant visuals and branding elements.
Electrical installations: Implementing electrical setups, incorporating standard exhibition lighting along with professional-grade stage and television equipment to enhance display aesthetics and functionality.

At SINCH EXPO, our dedicated team of skilled specialists handles both the design and production of exhibition stands. These professionals are continuously enhancing their expertise, ensuring cutting-edge solutions.

Our commitment is simple: to surpass client expectations every time!