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A comprehensive range of furniture and equipment tailored for exhibitions, events, and conferences.


Equipment for exhibitions: types and features of choice


Rental of exhibition equipment

Renting exhibition equipment and furniture has become increasingly popular. Not every company can afford to invest in high-quality equipment for events. The exhibition stand is the first thing visitors notice, requiring vibrant and eye-catching decor to immediately attract attention. The success of a company's participation in an exhibition hinges on well-designed stands and structures. The perception of the company and its products by potential buyers, as well as the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, relies on the exclusivity and uniqueness of these displays.

Four compelling reasons to consider renting furniture from us:


We offer designs of any style tailored for events of every scale and magnitude.


Our extensive range ensures you'll find precisely what you're looking for.


Transportation is handled by our in-house delivery services.


Precise commitment to deadlines is our priority.

We curate furniture and equipment for your exhibition booth.

For added convenience, we suggest pre-made solutions like Octanorm or Maxima designer equipment for exhibitions. These options offer versatile configurations for an impactful presentation, suitable for both startups and large enterprises. Additionally, renting lightweight and durable aluminum truss structures opens up diverse possibilities for creating exhibition stands or stage designs. Trusses can seamlessly integrate into interiors or architectural designs, making them highly sought-after products.

A prefabricated podium, complete with legs and a cover, serves as a versatile stage platform suitable for various events. It's an ideal choice for public gatherings, product presentations, awards ceremonies, and exhibitions. Our rental cost for the podium includes both setup and dismantling services. Each module measures 1x2 meters, with an adjustable height ranging from 10 to 50 centimeters, forming a self-contained structure.

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    Contemporary exhibition furniture available for rent.

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    Competitive and advantageous pricing.

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    We offer the most extensive selection to ensure you find precisely what you're looking for.

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    We provide offers tailored to suit any budget.

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    Turnkey selection and setup.